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Alonso switch - money or powerplant

December 5th, 2019 · No Comments

Wondering what the whole Alsonso switching process involved? Was it some high stake money game where agents were involved in some top level bargaining campaign?

Well apparently the whole process started with something far removed from that. Published reports provide the following insight into how the whole switch was started. McLaren boss Ron Dennis has revealed how the deal was started.

When Alonso was on the podium at the 2005 Brazilian Grand Prix Dennis was up on the stage to celebrate with his two McLaren drivers. He mentioned to Alonso hey great win on the Championship. Alonso responsed with - well McLaren is making it harder for him to win. Dennis says you could be part of it (McLaren). Alonso says that sounds ok. Dennis says you serious. Alonso says yes and pretty much that was the deal. They meet in secret at the Japanese Grand Prix and than the deal was done a short time later.

Alonso has always hinted that his concern with Renault’s commitment to Formula One was part of his reason for the switch and based on the conversation that he had with Dennis that might actually been part of the reason. Maybe it was not just about all those Euros flowing into Alonso’s 2007 bank account. Maybe.

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